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Duplex Stainless Steel
Rev. Phys. Appl. (Paris) Vol. 23 No. 4

Revue de Physique Appliquée

Vol. 23 No. 4 (avril 1988)

  • Basic concepts of the approach by continuum mechanics     p. 319
    P. Germain
    Abstract | PDF file (722.8 KB)

  • Mechanical modelling of anelasticity     p. 325
    Quoc Son Nguyen
    Abstract | PDF file (784.1 KB) | References

  • Phenomenological modelling of viscoplasticity     p. 331
    E. Krempl
    Abstract | PDF file (1.305 MB) | References

  • Modélisation de l'écrouissage et de la restauration en viscoplasticité cyclique     p. 339
    D. Nouailhas
    Abstract | PDF file (1.423 MB) | References

  • Dislocations and plasticity (Moderator's Comment)     p. 351
    L.M. Brown
    PDF file (125.1 KB) | References

  • Une approche micromécanique du comportement des polycristaux     p. 353
    G. Cailletaud
    Abstract | PDF file (1.807 MB) | References

  • Dislocation clustering and long-range internal stresses in monotonically and cyclically deformed metal crystals     p. 367
    H. Mughrabi
    Abstract | PDF file (2.148 MB) | References

  • The macro-flow stress (Moderator's Comment)     p. 381
    U.F. Kocks
    PDF file (265.2 KB) | References

  • On flow and work hardening expression correlations in metallic single crystal plasticity     p. 383
    P. Franciosi
    Abstract | PDF file (1.367 MB) | References

  • Hardening mechanisms in metals with foreign atoms     p. 395
    C. Schwink
    Abstract | PDF file (1.606 MB) | References

  • Onset of macroscopic deformation. Microscopic processes (Moderator's Comment)     p. 405
    S. Takeuchi
    PDF file (481.7 KB)

  • Dislocation mobility and crack tip plasticity at the ductile-brittle transition     p. 409
    P.B. Hirsch, S.G. Roberts and J. Samuels
    Abstract | PDF file (1.475 MB) | References

  • Dislocation pattern formation in metals     p. 419
    J. Kratochvil
    Abstract | PDF file (1.842 MB) | References

  • Dislocation core effects in plasticity     p. 431
    P. Veyssière
    Abstract | PDF file (2.718 MB) | References

  • Temperature and rate dependent theory of plasticity of crystalline solids     p. 445
    P. Perzyna
    Abstract | PDF file (1.791 MB) | References

  • Rate controlling processes in creep of close packed metals at intermediate and high temperatures     p. 461
    J. Bonneville, D. Caillard, M. Carrard and J.L. Martin
    Abstract | PDF file (2.112 MB) | References

  • Grain boundaries (moderator's comment)     p. 475
    H.O.K. Kirchner
    Abstract | PDF file (495.3 KB) | References

  • Hardening mechanisms at grain boundaries: a microscopic approach     p. 479
    A. George
    Abstract | PDF file (3.080 MB) | References

  • Effects of grain boundaries on the mechanical behaviour of grains in polycrystals     p. 491
    C. Rey
    Abstract | PDF file (1.322 MB) | References

  • Grain boundary structure and mechanical properties     p. 501
    V. Randle and B. Ralph
    Abstract | PDF file (2.361 MB) | References

  • Moderator's Comment     p. 513
    E. Kröner
    PDF file (486.0 KB) | References

  • Microstructures, textures and mechanical properties after large strain     p. 519
    N. Hansen and T. Leffers
    Abstract | PDF file (2.154 MB) | References

  • Effect of texture and grain shape on anisotropy     p. 533
    G.R. Canova
    Abstract | PDF file (2.011 MB) | References

  • On image analysis and micromechanics     p. 549
    D. Jeulin
    Abstract | PDF file (1.434 MB) | References

  • Hysteretic transformation behaviour of shape memory alloys     p. 557
    J. Van Humbeeck, E. Aernoudt, L. Delaey, Lu Li, H. Verguts and J. Ortin
    Abstract | PDF file (999.2 KB) | References

  • Transformation plasticity and thermoelastic behavior in ZrO2 -containing ceramics     p. 565
    A.H. Heuer and R.-R. Lee
    Abstract | PDF file (1.021 MB) | References

  • On some problems in plastic instabilities and strain localization (Moderator's Comment)     p. 571
    H. Neuhäuser
    PDF file (207.2 KB) | References

  • Strain nonuniformities and plastic instabilities     p. 573
    L.P. Kubin and Y. Estrin
    Abstract | PDF file (1.703 MB) | References

  • Continuum mechanics studies of plastic instabilities     p. 585
    A. Needleman
    Abstract | PDF file (1.638 MB) | References

  • Mechanical models of the effect of grain boundary sliding on creep and creep rupture     p. 595
    V. Tvergaard
    Abstract | PDF file (1.554 MB) | References

  • Creep and fracture of metals : mechanisms and mechanics     p. 605
    B.F. Dyson
    Abstract | PDF file (1.261 MB) | References

  • Constitutive equations for the coupling between elasto-plasticity damage and aging     p. 615
    D. Marquis and J. Lemaitre
    Abstract | PDF file (1.317 MB) | References

  • On constitutive equations for various diffusion-controlled creep mechanisms     p. 625
    O.A. Ruano and O.D. Sherby
    Abstract | PDF file (1.793 MB) | References

  • A state variable description of mechanical properties     p. 639
    D. Stone and Che-Yu Li
    Abstract | PDF file (1.326 MB) | References

  • Internal variables and phenomenological models for metals plasticity     p. 649
    F. Sidoroff
    Abstract | PDF file (1.653 MB) | References

  • Opening remarks (Moderator's Comment)     p. 661
    F.R.N. Nabarro
    PDF file (103.6 KB)

  • An in situ study of prismatic glide in HCP metals     p. 667
    A. Couret and D. Caillard
    PDF file (130.7 KB) | References

  • A T.E.M. in situ study of dislocation glide in InSb (III-V compound)     p. 668
    M. Fnaiech, A. Couret and D. Caillard
    PDF file (122.4 KB) | References

  • Mode de glissement des dislocations (010)[001] dans les feldspaths alcalins. methr et modélisation.     p. 669
    Y. Zheng, M. Gandais and M. Heggie
    PDF file (164.6 KB) | References

  • Computer modelling of plasticity in minerals - The hydrolytic weakening of quartz     p. 670
    M. Heggie and R. Jones
    PDF file (169.9 KB) | References

  • Dislocation arrangement of Nb-34 at% Ta alloy single crystals deformed in tension     p. 671
    W. Wasserbäch
    PDF file (191.6 KB)

  • Temperature and strain-rate dependence of the flow stress of tantalum single crystals in cyclic deformation     p. 672
    M. Werner
    PDF file (192.9 KB) | References

  • Dislocations in TiAl     p. 673
    G. Hug, A. Loiseau and P. Veyssière
    PDF file (146.1 KB) | References

  • Dynamic of screw superlattice dislocations in a γ l12 structure. In situ observation at high temperature     p. 675
    N. Clement, D. Caillard, A. Beneteau and A. Coujou
    PDF file (160.6 KB) | References

  • Tem-studies of the dislocation structure in a γ/γ' Ni-based superalloy     p. 676
    A. Korner and H.P. Karnthaler
    PDF file (207.8 KB) | References

  • A study of cross slip activation parameters in copper     p. 677
    J. Bonneville
    PDF file (159.1 KB) | References

  • Non compact glide in face centered cubic metals     p. 678
    M. Carrard
    PDF file (132.2 KB) | References

  • Transmission directe des dislocations au travers d' un plan de joint entre grains de symetrie hexagonale     p. 679
    J. Vicens, P. Ayed, E. Laurent-Pinson, S. Lay and G. Nouet
    PDF file (161.6 KB)

  • Deformation of a Σ= 9 (122) gb in silicon studied by HREM     p. 680
    M. Elkajbaji and J. Thibault-Desseaux
    PDF file (206.5 KB) | References

  • Structure and mechanical properties of a Σ= 51 [011] tilt boundary in germanium     p. 681
    W. Skrotzki, H. Wendt, C.B. Carter and D.L. Kohlstedt
    PDF file (187.2 KB)

  • Interaction between lattice dislocations and grain boundaries in high purity iron. Fiche cinematographique ONERA n° 1173 ( 1986 )     p. 682
    B. El'Mrabat, L. Priester, R. Valle, A. Jouniaux and A. Marraud
    PDF file (187.2 KB) | References

  • Strain field around a boundary of a slightly deformed bicrystal     p. 683
    M. Polcarová, J. Brádler and J. Gemperlová
    PDF file (155.6 KB) | References

  • Early stages of compressive plastic deformation of asymmetrical bicrystal     p. 684
    J. Gemperlová, P. Sittner and V. Paidar
    PDF file (189.4 KB) | References

  • Correlation of Peierls-Nabarro Stress with Crystal Structure     p. 685
    Takayoshi Suzuki and Shin Takeuchi
    PDF file (162.2 KB) | References

  • Etude experimentale de la dynamique des décrochements     p. 686
    M. Bujard, G. Gremaud and W. Benoit
    PDF file (125.4 KB) | References

  • Study of dislocation mechanisms in aluminium at 0.5Tm by anelastic relaxation     p. 687
    M. L. No, J. San Juan and C. Esnouf
    PDF file (178.6 KB)

  • Dependence of the cyclic stress-strain curve of F.C.C. single crystals on temperature and stacking-fault energy     p. 688
    U. Eßmann and M. Werner
    PDF file (168.8 KB) | References

  • A study of fatigue saturation range of 5N polycrystalline aluminium     p. 689
    R. Fougeres, J. Chicois, A. Hamel and A. Vincent
    PDF file (193.3 KB) | References

  • Mapping of low-temperature fatigue     p. 690
    O.B. Pedersen
    PDF file (159.4 KB)

  • Bauschinger- and X-Y tests on Cu specimens     p. 691
    F. Hess and A.W. Sleeswyk
    PDF file (226.2 KB) | References

  • Plastic instabilities in fatigue in AlLi alloys : From the mechanical aspects to the nanometric investigations     p. 693
    Y. Brechet, S. Han, F. Louchet and B. Wack
    PDF file (155.9 KB) | References

  • Plasticity of damaged solids and shear band localization     p. 694
    Maria K. Duszek and Piotr Perzyna
    PDF file (135.7 KB) | References

  • Local shear rate in slip bands of CuZn and CuNi single crystals     p. 695
    A. Hampel, O.B. Arkan and H. Neuhäuser
    PDF file (164.9 KB) | References

  • Crystallographical analysis of shear bands initiation and propagation in pure metals     p. 696
    Ph. Dubois and C. Rey
    PDF file (172.1 KB) | References

  • Physical nature of shear bands formation and constitutive modelling for plastic instability     p. 697
    Ryszard B. Pecherski
    PDF file (164.8 KB) | References

  • Plastic flow and structural morphology of two phase materials     p. 698
    T. Bretheau, D. Caldemaison, A. Feylessoufi and A. Zaoui
    PDF file (157.8 KB)

  • Simulation of the dynamic organization of dislocation structures     p. 699
    J. Lépinoux and L.P. Kubin
    PDF file (115.4 KB)

  • Plastic behaviours of polycrystalline metals under multi-axial cyclic loading conditions and constitutve equations     p. 700
    Masataka Tokuda and Masashi Kuroyanagi
    PDF file (210.7 KB) | References

  • Densification behaviour of metal powders at high temperature     p. 701
    D. Bouvard and M. C. Cheynet
    PDF file (143.2 KB) | References

  • Thermomechanical behavior by martensitic transformation in single and polycrystals of metallic alloys     p. 702
    Etienne Patoor, André Ererhardt and Marcel Berveiller
    PDF file (174.7 KB) | References

  • Premiers résultats portant sur l'étude rhéologique d'un acier Fe-C pendant sa transformation de phase     p. 703
    Ch. Liebaut, E. Gautier and A. Simon
    PDF file (183.2 KB)

  • Concerning transformation plasticity mechanisms for different phase transformations in steels     p. 704
    E. Gautier and A. Simon
    PDF file (183.4 KB) | References

  • The Ductility of Ni3Al and the accommodation of slip at grain boundaries     p. 705
    E.M. Schulson, I. Baker and H.J. Frost
    PDF file (133.0 KB)

  • Selfinduced change of deformation path in Cu-Al single crystals     p. 706
    A. Korbel and M. Szczerba
    PDF file (198.7 KB) | References

  • Yield surfaces of BCC crystals for slip on the {110} <111> and {112} <111> systems     p. 707
    B. Orlans-Joliet, B. Bacroix, F. Montheillet, J.H. Driver and J.J. Jonas
    PDF file (166.0 KB) | References

  • Plastic behavior of prestrained metals: microstructural aspects.     p. 708
    J.L. Raphanel and J.-H. Schmitt
    PDF file (181.2 KB) | References

  • The homologous temperature dependence of creep     p. 709
    Harry W. Green and Robert S. Borch
    PDF file (168.3 KB) | References

  • Deformation mechanisms of salt under repository conditions     p. 711
    F.D. Hansen
    PDF file (182.7 KB) | References

  • Corrélation entre le fluage et la diffusion des solutions solides fortement concentrées. Cas envisagé : les phases β Ag-50% at Zn Ag-50% Cd - Cu-43-53% at Zn - Cu-14,5% Sn Cu-25% at Al     p. 712
    C. Lexcellent and C. Oytana
    PDF file (117.0 KB) | References

  • Sur le comportement d'un acier inoxydable austénitique 17-12 SPH aux températures intermédiaires, 0.2 ≦ T/FF ≦ 0.65 .Mise en évidence des intéractions dislocations-défauts ponctuels     p. 713
    P. Delobelle
    PDF file (163.2 KB)

  • Solute-dislocation interactions in Al-Mg alloys at elevated temperatures     p. 714
    D. Stone, H. Wilson, R.-C. Kuo and Che-Yu Li
    PDF file (175.6 KB) | References

  • Creep properties of two different Mo base alloys (TZM)     p. 715
    H. Calderon-Benavides, G. Kostorz and G. Ullrich
    PDF file (180.9 KB) | References

  • Effect of testing conditions and doping on superplastic creep of alumina     p. 716
    P. Gruffel, P. Carry and A. Mocellin
    PDF file (151.0 KB) | References

  • Effect of structural relaxation on the plasticity of the Fe78b13 Si9 amorphous alloy     p. 717
    L. Bresson and M. Harmelin
    PDF file (115.8 KB)

  • The role of hydride size, matrix strength and stress state on fracture initiation at hydride precipitates in zirconium alloys     p. 718
    M. P. Puls
    PDF file (174.2 KB) | References

  • Microhardness anisotropy in cubic Zro2     p. 719
    A. Pajares, F. Guiberteau, A. Dominguez-Rodriguez and A.H. Heuer
    PDF file (152.0 KB) | References

  • Slip and local deformation of NaCl single crystals after "uniaxial" compression     p. 720
    E. Fries, C. Dolin and J. Castaing
    PDF file (151.1 KB) | References