Rev. Phys. Appl. (Paris)
Volume 5, Numéro 1, février 1970
Page(s) 49 - 52
Rev. Phys. Appl. (Paris) 5, 49-52 (1970)
DOI: 10.1051/rphysap:019700050104900

Shielding with superconductors in small magnetic fields

A.F. Hildebrandt

University of Houston, Department of Physics, Houston, Texas (U.S.A.)

The shielding properties of a superconducting lead shell have been investigated in fields of the order of 10-4 gauss. The small ambient fields were obtained with a room size μ-metal shield. Fields of less than 2 microgauss were obtained over a sphere of 7.5 cm diameter. This region is at room temperature and is suitable for magnetometer testing.

0755 - Magnetic instruments and techniques.
7470 - Superconducting materials.
3220 - Superconducting materials.
3240 - Superconducting devices.
5230 - Electromagnetic compatibility and interference.

Key words
lead -- magnetic devices -- magnetic shielding -- superconducting devices -- superconducting materials